Mountain Caterpillar MORITZ

Remote-controlled caterpillar Moritz in year-round use

The remote-controlled Moritz caterpillar is your perfect companion all year round thanks to its flexibility in use. Regardless of whether it is used in forestry, landscape maintenance or by municipalities. With 50 or 75 hp, Moritz has become even more powerful and that with consistently low ground pressure.


The chassis on the crawler vehicle can be hydraulically widened by 400 mm and can therefore also be used safely on slopes. The large chassis and the low weight of the caterpillar enable a minimal ground pressure of only 0.30 kg / cm².

Maneuvering and working is therefore also unproblematic on wet surfaces. A slope angle of 45 ° at the front and rear enables great climbing ability and uncomplicated driving into the terrain from a road.
The large ground clearance of 300 mm allows obstacles to be driven over. A closed floor pan prevents damage when used off-road.

Traction drive

The proportional drive is equipped with two speed levels for driving to the operational area away from paved roads and paths. The top speed of the felling tractor is 6.5 km / h. Even remote locations can be reached quickly and easily.

Safe stand

The shield is the basis for working with the winch. This is equipped with double-acting hydraulic cylinders. If the dead weight of the vehicle is not sufficient for rope work, it can be additionally secured to another object (e.g. tree, vehicle) within a very short time.

Radio control

The entire vehicle and the cable winch can be radio-controlled via an ergonomic control unit. In addition to the drive and cable winch drive, this also allows the cable speed or the motor speed to be adjusted. If the vehicle is not required, stop and start the engine completely retractable via the radio control.

Powerful rescue and mountain winch

The professional geared cable winch has a pulling force of 5 t and a cable capacity of 80 m. A variable cable speed in several stages enables adaptation to different operational situations. This can be equipped with a rope inlet brake for a clean rope winding.

Light and easy to transport

The light weight and compact dimensions enable problem-free transport with a GW-T or trailer.

Multifunctional use

In addition to the model, which has a permanently installed rescue and recovery winch, a multifunctional radio-controlled Moritz off-road carrier vehicle is also available. [Nbsp]

You can dismantle the cable winch in just a few steps using a quick-change system. [Nbsp] The vehicle can then pick up tools using the   three-point hitch (Cat. 1).

Tools for flexible use:

  • Forest mulchers with swinging Y-flails (optionally with hydraulic front flap and hydraulic side shift)
  • Forest milling machine with standing tools, hydraulic front flap and hold-down device (optionally with hydraulic side shift)
  • Sowing strip milling machine

Additional standard devices can be attached to the Moritz via the three-point hitch Cat. 1.

Front mounting space

The right equipment for the Moritz in every application, that is what the extensive range of accessories offers.

An extendable, three-part front weight of 110 kg is available for pre-delivery work on slopes or for rope work without an anchor point.


Depending on requirements, the vehicle can be equipped with up to three double-acting hydraulic control units.

A pressureless return is optionally available separately.

Auxiliary winch

For use on steep slopes, the Moritz forest crawler can be equipped with an auxiliary winch that can be used 360 °.

The auxiliary cable winch can be used in two positions depending on the application. The conversion takes place in a very short time without tools. In the upper position, the cable winch can be used in any direction. If only securing or driving support is required in one direction, the lower mounting position can also be used.

Storage space

Large storage compartments enable the safe transport of tailings, chains and round slings for attaching loads as well as securing material for the vehicle.

The optionally available, foldable front box offers even more storage space.

Security and lighting

In order to optimally illuminate the working environment, additional headlights can be placed in two positions on Moritz.

The foldable roll bar can also be equipped with an additional headlight that is switched on and off via the radio control.

Special painting

The Moritz to match the vehicle fleet - with the optional special paint, the forest crawler can be optically adapted to your color concept.

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