No matter what requirement you make. We find the ideal solution for all types of device technology. Our professional team has years of experience in planning and implementing innovative solutions. We combine the best vehicles with powerful attachments of well-known manufacturers from all over Europe.

Cleaning without any chemicals. With the specially developed, unique pure water cleaning system from swissTAC windows and surfaces can be easily cleaned efficiently and professionally - and all that without chemicals cleaning additives.

The new MACH cleaning machine dedicated to the cleaning of escalators and moving sidewalks.

MACH designs and manufacturers a full range of walk-behind and ride-on sweepers for indoor and outdoor applications of any size. With 7 models available in 19 versions, it’s easy to find the perfect machine to fit your environment.

All sweepers are equipped with MACH’s innovative vacuum filtration technology for complete dust control during sweeping.

MACH designs and manufactures a full range of walk-behind and ride-on auto-scrubbers for applications of any size. With 15 models available in 30 versions, it’s easy to find the perfect machine to fit your environment.

Disinfection begins with   choosing the best product.

The use of devices for spraying   disinfectants on public surfaces plays an important role in preventing the spread of infections. [Nbsp] CUBO SANISPRAY is an all-electric cart that can be used not only for outdoor areas such as benches,   garden furniture or garbage cans , but also   interiors such as schools, gyms and   supermarkets can be cleaned.

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