No matter what requirement you make. We find the ideal solution for all types of device technology. Our professional team has years of experience in planning and implementing innovative solutions. We combine the best vehicles with powerful attachments of well-known manufacturers from all over Europe.

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Purification with air, today it is possible

Municipalities are confronted with ever higher demands on the cleaning of public areas. The higher   standards are in place in order to   improve the lives of citizens, make cities more attractive to tourists,   guarantee the safety and well-being of people   while conserving resources and  . nbsp] to reduce the environmental impact.

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An ally in the chaos of the city.

In city centers, urban cleaning such as collecting waste and maintaining green spaces requires the worker to drive from one point to another while often carrying heavy loads.

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We deliver the right snow plow for every vehicle.

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We deliver the best snow thrower for your tasks.

With us you get the winter under control!

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DAMMANN Sole Sprayer

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We supply attachments for trucks and tractors from the leading manufacturers of multifunctional system vehicles.

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The true revolution in heavy-duty sweeping

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Specially designed by SAUERBURGER for paddocks, sports fields and wherever the grass has cuttings to be collected.

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Even very steep slopes do not upset the SAUERBURGER GRIP 4. Its hydraulic four-wheel steering with four steering variants   allows very good maneuverability. [

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AMAZONE Landscaping combinations have their fields of application in gardening and landscaping in the creation and regeneration of green areas.

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