Flying has become a quality of life and stands for global mobility and cosmopolitanism. Rising demand from passengers and airlines will continue to require new facilities for aircraft maintenance, passenger handling and airport infrastructure development.

MOTOTOG Airplane Tug

Mototoks are high-tech electric tractors

Mototoks are high-tech electric tractors
But there's a lot more that a Mototok can do for you: some are equipped with pushback functions or in a version that is guaranteed to be explosion-proof, others lead vehicles automatically and with unparalleled precision. Check your options.


From small Cessna Citation Excels to the Bells 412 or Eurocopter with wheels, from Falcon Dassaults to the Airbus A 320 and even to the Boeing B 777 family: There is a Mototok tug for almost every machine type.

Simple and safe operation

Automated processes, full programmability, and ease-of-use that do not even require training: Human errors that pose a risk to machines and people are virtually eliminated.

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