swissTAC - Pure water purification system

Cleaning without any chemicals

With the specially developed, unique pure water cleaning system from swissTAC, windows and surfaces can be cleaned easily, efficiently and professionally - and all without chemical cleaning additives.

Pure water is pure water - free from all minerals. This leaves no residue on the surfaces to be cleaned, while the pure water binds dirt and dust.

application areas

  • window cleaning
  • Cleaning of PV and solar systems
  • facade cleaning


  • Efficient because only one operation (no need to peel off)
  • Safe - no working on ladders, etc.
  • Environmentally friendly (no additional cleaning agent, no loss of rinsing water)
  • self-sufficient use

Technische Daten

  RW 325 RW 650 RW 975
tank capacity 325 l 650 l 975 l
Dimensions (lxwxh) 1380x1300x1100 1760x1300x1100 2170x1300x1100
Height with stacking pockets 1300 1300 1300

More features

  • Height with stacking pocketsWater tank system in cascade design (baffles are generally included)
  • Tanks made of robust PE in RAL 2011 (UV and impact resistant)
  • Barrel frame with crane straps and lashing points for attachment to VDI 2700 on all loading areas
  • flat design with optimal utilization of the flatbed width
  • standard filling via C-connection
  • standard water suction filter
  • 2 complete desalination cartridges, each with 30 l of mixed resin
  • 2 conductivity meters (with battery) for each cartridge
  • Battery 12 V with 280 Ah including charger 25 Ah
  • 12V electric water pump for simultaneous operation of 2 reels
  • 1x automatic hose reel made of stainless steel with 50 m fabric hose for pure water
  • 1x manual hose reel made of stainless steel with 100 m fabric hose for pure water
  • Pure water collector piece with hose connection 8l/min (e.g. for connection of high-pressure cleaner)

Pick-up system for forklifts
!! Please let us know the fork size of the forklift !!

Lance Rack

D=100 mm

  • for picking up lances requires forklift straps
    TAC 3700-39
  • Recording of telescopic cleaning lances[&nbsp]
    only for TAC 975-30 or larger
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