Flying has become a quality of life and stands for global mobility and cosmopolitanism. Rising demand from passengers and airlines will continue to require new facilities for aircraft maintenance, passenger handling and airport infrastructure development.


The Pfanzelt modular series for vehicle winch systems offer winches with lifting and pulling forces of 30 to 450 kN. Different winch drives are available for different purposes, all of which are largely maintenance- and wear-free.

Adaptable control and safety systems as well as different cable winding systems can be combined for changing requirements in terms of ease of use, safety in use and the various carrier vehicles.


PFANZELT winch aggregates can be assembled individually using a modular system. The high level of flexibility applies both to the unit itself and to the structure of the individual components - for example, the drive can be produced via a hydraulic motor or a mechanical connection. During the compilation, different drum widths are still available, adapted to the required rope length. These can also be combined.

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